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3 Key success factors


Deep economic downturns have always spawned new and innovated ideas. This is because many entrepreneurs turn their attention to the quiet marketplace and listen for unmet needs. All the success stories around innovative products and companies introduced in tough times have one common thread, the entrepreneurs were aware of the market, not afraid of it.

In 2008, when the “great global recession” was biting just about everyone, we started Three Key Consulting with high hopes, (and realistic expectations), to fill a critical niche in corporate America – helping companies do more for less. Our model was set up to offer high caliber human capital (the kind you find at the Big 5 consulting firms), removing the layers of overhead (ditto), and charging a much lower price. So what was our innovation? Our network. We developed a network of industry leaders and subject matter experts to compliment our own 20+ years of experience. Our network supports business development, dialing in client requirements and business drivers behind them, and referring folks from their own “A” lists. Simply put, we went back to the way things were done back on “Main Street”. We deal directly with folks in our own “professional neighborhood” built on handshakes and relationships, where there is long-term value and trust!


Collaboration from a vendor-client perspective is critical when trying to match human capital with the specific needs of the client. The traditional model of using proprietary pre-screening techniques to match skills to job descriptions often fall short and are a waste of time and resources.

Having spent a great deal of time on the “hiring manager” side of the fence, we grew weary of the same old process; the job posting that was not specific enough; the sales person who was not knowledgeable enough, the 10, near-identical resumes with all the same buzzwords, and then the roll of the dice.

Collaboration is a critical factor to ensure we place the right person or team to support the client’s objectives. It is so important, that we refuse to use salespeople. To ensure that we collaborate well with our client, we may utilize applicable subject matter experts from our own network to help understand our client’s needs and the business drivers behind them. Getting this right the first time, allows us to find the best possible match in meeting our clients objectives in the shortest time possible.

Shared Value(s)

Shared value(s) are really two more keys to the success of the 3KC business model. Simply put, shared value is about sharing in the success of doing business together. When 3KC, their professional network, and their consultants have a vested interested in the client’s success, everyone wins. Similarly, shared values are what link these groups together. 3KCs value proposition is to deliver the very best consulting, technology and staffing solutions to our clients in a highly efficient and cost effective manner. We deliver on this proposition because we are principled by honest and fair business dealings, smart and collaborative approaches, and disciplined work ethic.

Both shared value and shared values drive efficiencies, reduce costs and improve the quality of 3KCs services and delivery. We strongly believe in these principles. So much so, that these themes are the basis of our corporate culture, and serve as guiding principles to everything 3KC does. It’s a good model and it’s good business.