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We approached the concept of a consulting, technology and staffing company beginning with the question, “if you had to choose three keys to success, what factors would you choose?” Admittedly there are many keys to success, but as we began defining our business model, we focused on innovation, collaboration, and shared value(s). We embraced these themes throughout the business planning process and they remain central to 3KCs corporate identity today. This is how our company started.

Beginning with a significantly large professional network, we began recruiting industry leaders and subject matter experts in the context of our business model, which relies heavily on the concept of a “professional neighborhood”, built on handshakes and relationships, where there is long-term value and trust. Our business model utilizes the expertise of our professional network to provide referrals and consultation support to expand and enhance our own experience and expertise. When our doors opened, we had over 400 industry leaders and subject matter experts tied to our business model, bringing our company the depth of knowledge and the reach of major consulting firms without the layers of overhead. Our network includes, experts in several IT specialties, industries and disciplines.